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Wheatstone ScreenBuilder

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New for 2.0: Now features scripting for capturing RSS news, sports and weather feeds.

Our ScreenBuilder app has virtual faders, meters, labels, buttons, clocks, timers, and other widgets that you can arrange on a PC screen to create your own custom control panels and touchscreens for control and monitoring. Add your own graphics and logos, even images.

Custom panels made with ScreenBuilder have access to our complete AoIP network, the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network and all of the BLADEs, control surfaces, processors, and partner devices on it so you are only limited by your imagination. Once created, your custom panels and touchscreen interfaces can be password protected to prevent unauthorized manipulation of the special graphics and functions you’ve designed.

ScreenBuilder gives you unlimited control over your entire network. But more than that, you can use it to create dedicated screens that control specific things. Whatever your needs, ScreenBuilder can address them with ease.


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