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SRK MFTX200 – 200W AM Transmitter

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MFTX200 200W AM Transmitter

The MFTX200 is a 200W (carrier rest) solid state AM broadcast transmitter. It uses state-of-the-art digital modulation to deliver the most power efficient AM transmitter in the world.

With user adjustable output power and frequency, as well as comprehensive digital and analogue remote control, these units are extremely flexible.

For maximum ruggedness these transmitters offer extensive protection functionality including over SWR and over temperature. All alarms are self resetting, requiring no user intervention. This ensures that you stay on air even under the most difficult conditions.

The MFTX200 includes a built in compressor/limiter with independently settable positive and negative peak limiting. Audio filtering can be applied as either a Butterworth or Bessel characteristic, or disabled completely. This represents a substantial cost saving over external audio processing. These transmitters are designed specifically to be driven from satellite or network audio sources.

An optional stereo encoder can be included to allow stereo broadcasting.

Day/night power control is included as standard and can be used to automatically switch between two preset power levels, dependent on the time of day.

An un-cluttered front panel offers easy and intuitive control and monitoring of all transmitter functions.

As with all of SRK’s products, these transmitters are designed and manufactured in Australia. They are supported by extensive documentation and are backed by a three year warranty.


Carrier rest power 20-200W
Positive modulation 125%
Audio response 10Hz – 10KHz -3dB
Audio input level -10dBm to +10dBm
Frequency range 522KHz – 1705KHz
Frequency stability +/- 2ppm
Spurious and harmonics -60dBc
THD <0.5%
Hum and noise Better than -60dB
Carrier shift <0.5%
Supply voltage 170 -264VAC single phase 50-60Hz
Power factor (full power) >0.94
Mains power at full power, 0% modulation 260W
Size 3U 300mm deep
Ambient temperature 0 – 50°C
Output connector N type
Stereo format C-QUAM (optional)
Mains input connector IEC
Audio connector 3 pin XLR female
Cooling Fan forced
VSWR 2:1 at full power
Audio input impedance 10K
Squarewave tilt <1% @40Hz
Squarewave overshoot <1% @400Hz, 50% modulation, Bessel filter
Audio filtering None, 8th order Butterworth, 8th order Bessel selectable
Weight TBA