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A SaaS tool to easily create, manage and monetize your podcasts.
Don’t have a podcast? It can help with that too…

Automate – Publish content without lifting a finger. Automatically record and repurpose your live content to create podcast episodes, rebroadcasts, or feed an Alexa skill.
Airchecks – Using our AudioLogger’s 24/7 recording, quickly and easily perform airchecks and produce long-term archives of your aired advertising.
SGrewind – Want to turn your existing streams into DVR-style rewindable streams for your website or apps? SGrewind is SGrecast’s newest feature set.
Monetize – Make money on all your content. Visually tag the location of dynamically inserted pre, mid, and post-roll ads into your podcast episodes and archives.
Rebroadcast – Broadcast all day without 24 hours of content. Record and rebroadcast your top personalities, sports events, or morning shows.
Captioning – With support from ENCO’s enCaption4 captioning system, SGrecast can produce automatic captioning of content hosted in SGrecast. Create, edit, and socialize your content will full captioning support.

 Record your content 24/7.
 Segment content on metadata change, time interval, or metadata signal.
 Color code your audio segments for easy reference.
 Search for specific segments based on metadata.
 Great for flexible recording schedules.
 Quickly find and publish your content with a few clicks.
 Easily provide airchecks of ad delivery.
 Manage multiple Podcast RSS feeds
 Metadata support for Podcast channels and items
 Automate episode creation with Sidechannel recordings
 Fully iTunes compatible
 Servable as Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing JSON feeds
 Easily embeddable as an iframe on your site
 Customize your player’s content and layout
 Player automatically updates when new episodes are added
 Episode focused player with subscribe support
 Easily embeddable as an iframe on your site
 Customizable theming for color, font, and experience
 Waveform editor support for marking ad insertion
 Ad-marker support for on-demand pre/mid/post rolls
 Maintain evergreen ad spots dynamic to each listen
 See future recordings and broadcasts to double check scheduling
 View Sidechannels by the month, week, or day
 Audio support for Icecast AAC and MP3
 Video support for HLS and RTMP
 Record based on schedules or 24/7 with SGrecast’s AudioLoggers
 Scheduled broadcasting of content to any Icecast server in MP3 or AAC
 Broadcast from system content or syndicate another live stream
 Cut and repurpose exciting moments from recorded content
 Mark Ad breaks and replacements for on-demand monetization
 Users can be associated with custom Roles to limit system access
 SGrecast features have granular permissions for add, edit, and removal
 Customize user experience based on Roles
 Convert audio clips into videos and share them on social media
 Easily share your content to Facebook, Twitter, and others
 Users can share directly from the podcast player and SGplayer
 Captioning with enCaption4 by ENCO
 SGrecast API for content management
 Podcasts servable as Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing JSON feeds
 RSS import for easy migration into SGrecast
 Automated Podcast and Sidechannel publishing via FTP


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