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StudioHub MJ-OUT Pre-Amplifier-Output Matchjack

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MatchJack OUT

The StudioHub+ “OUTPUT” MatchJack is a professional stereo signal level converter. IHF / unbalanced inputs are connected via RCA jacks. The input signal is actively converted to balanced audio and is output at professional level  via an RJ-45 wired to StudioHub+ pin-out standards. Internal trim pots allow level adjustment of up to 23dB gain and are factory set for +4 dBV out with a -10dBV input. Power is supplied either via StudioHub+ “DC-Link” power (through the output RJ-45) or via an optional “wall wart” power supply. The StudioHub+ DA MatchJack is housed in a plastic enclosure



MatchJack OUT (IHF to PRO) All measurements made with the MatchJack level controls set to produce +4dBm output (600 ohm load) from a-10dBV input.

Input Impedance: 20k ohms

Output Impedance:50 ohms

Maximum Input Level:+16dBV (6.3VRMS)

Maximum Output:+24dBm

Nominal Input Level:–10dBV

Maximum Gain:23dB

Frequency Response: +0 -.1dB 20Hz – 20kHz

Distortion:THD + N <.001% 20Hz – 20kHz

Dynamic Range:(unweighted 22Hz – 22kHz bandwidth limited) 119dB with input shorted, 117dB with input open

Output Noise:(unweighted 22Hz – 22kHz bandwidth limited) –95dBu with input shorted, -93dBu with input open

SNR:(unweighted 22Hz – 22kHz bandwidth limited) 99dB Specifications subject to change without notic