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StudioHub WWBLACK 400mA Power supply

Power Supply for StudioHub+ Active Modules.

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Use this power supply to power a single panel, a chain of panels, or a power injector cube.

When using panels in a chain, ensure you don’t exceed the power supply current rating.

Part#                       Description/Current
MJ-OUT                    Analog MatchJack Out (IHF to Pro) 75ma
MJ-IN                        Analog MatchJack In (Pro to IHF) 35ma
MJ-SPDIFOUT       MatchJack OUT (S/PDIF and Optical to AES) 100ma
MJ-AD                      Digital MatchJack AtoD 150ma
MJ-DA                      Digital MatchJack D toA 150ma
MJ-DDA                   Digital MatchJack Distribution Amplifier 165ma*
SH-DUALMATCH  Dual Match Panel 100ma
SH-HP                        Headphone Panel 100ma
SH-MIC                     Mic Pre-Amp Panel 55ma
SH-MIXER               3 Input Stereo Mixer with mix-minus 125ma
SH-AMPSPKR         Monitor Amp Panel (w/ Speaker) 1400ma
SH-LEVEL                Monitor Panel 145ma
SH-VUV                    Dual VU Meter Panel 150ma
SH-LCDV                  LCD Display Panel 75ma
DA6-DC                    DA Hub (Single) 575ma
SUM4-DC                 Combiner Hub (Single) 175ma



StudioHub power system is NOT compatible with some ports on the Axia PowerStation (indicated with a “+” sign by the connector). Connect StudioHub active devices only to non “+” port on the Axia PowerStation OR use a power injector cube to isolate the StudioHub power from the Axia PowerStation



StudioHub Pinout

White/Green     Left + (AES+)
Green                   Left – (AES -)
White/Orange  Right +
Orange                Right –
White/Blue        not connected
Blue                      Ground
White/Brown   -15v
Brown                 +15v
Shield                  Shield