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Monitoring Suite

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Stuff happens, right? Use SGalerts and never get caught with your stream down!
Using StreamGuys’ premier service, your stream is guaranteed up 100% of the time. Unfortunately, there is still the possibility that other parts of your production chain may drop from time to time. Stay on top of your business and monitor your encoder, live stream, or hardware with SGalerts, a new product from StreamGuys.
With SGalerts, you can have an email alert sent to you should your monitored service goes down. You will also be sent another email once your service is back up and running. This allows you peace of mind when you or your staff are away from your studio or office.

Silence Monitors – Dead air is just as bad as a downed stream to listeners, but basic stream checks don’t monitor for silence. Our silence detection monitors will listen to your stream and alert you based on customized decibel levels and duration. Silence detection works on HLS, Icecast, Shoutcast and RTMP.
Availability Checks – These monitor for dropped streams. You will be alerted if your encoder disconnected or your service provider went down. Use our one minute checks to find out about issues before your listeners have time to send you an email! Five minute checks are default.
Unlimited Contacts – We offer unlimited contacts so you can get the whole team in the loop on issues. SMS alerting is available depending on your wireless provider. Set up both email and SMS for mission critical alerts.
Global Network – With accessible nodes in regions across the globe, Availability Checks can be deployed to identify regional issues, verify and validate geo-restricted content, and ensure that should one node have a problem, other nodes will ensure your content is monitored 24/7

With the advent of HTML5, metadata is required to be sent out-of-band. Most solutions rely on inefficient short polling which can be a costly challenge to support. StreamGuys has developed superior metadata streaming with push-based events that solves these challenges. Push based metadata reduces the overall bandwidth usage and server load of metadata-based functionality versus traditional polling based metadata-functionality.
SGmetadata can push metadata to SGplayer and other third party services, such as TuneIn, through API integrations. SGmetadata can also perform metadata based alerting when integrated with our SGalerts service.

Are you missing important metadata in your music database? Do you play music from satellite, CD, or vinyl? Is your music metadata inconsistent?
These can all lead to reporting headaches and a poor user experience. SmartMetadata can help your listeners see all song metadata.

Use Case – Metadata is critical for user experience, reporting, and even ad-insertion. Use SmartMetadata to display song and artist info in your media players.
How it Works – SmartMetadata listens to your stream, identifies the content, then sends metadata for that content back to the StreamGuys streaming servers.
Data – SmartMetadata can supply:
– Song Name
– Artist Name
– Album Name
– ISRC Code


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