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AVT MAGIC TH6 VoIP HD Telephone Hybrid

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NEWMAGIC TH6 VoIP HD is a pure VoIP telephone hybrid for six caller lines. Thanks to the integrated HD Voice feature, calls can be accepted or established in outstanding 7 kHz quality. The future-proof talkshow system provides a LAN interface and two analogue as well as four digital (2 x AES/EBU) Audio lines.


The MAGIC TH6 Talkshow System can be operated in three different modes. First option is to connect all six callers via separate Audio outputs/inputs to the mixing console in the so-called Six-Faders Mode. To talk to the callers before they are switched to ON AIR, a handset or headset can be connected directly to the hybrid. Alternatively, the Audio interfaces can be configured as PRETALK, HOLD and ON AIR Audio lines (One-Fader or Two-Faders Mode). In these operating modes, the callers can be switched in PRETALK and ON AIR conferences. The mix-minus signals are generated in the hybrid. Furthermore, an external or a recorded HOLD signal can be configured. MAGIC TH6 also offers a call forwarding function to forward callers to a manually dialled or a phone book

MAGIC TH6 Software


The MAGIC TH6 Telephone Hybrid can be configured and controlled via the Windows PC Software which is included in the delivery. The PC is connected via the LAN interface to the MAGIC TH6. The MAGIC TH6 Software provides a graphical user interface which displays all caller lines and their current line status. The PC Software has been optimised for controlling the system with a touch screen. The callers are accepted by pressing the PRETALK, HOLD or ON AIR button. Screening information, such as e.g. the telephone number or the caller’s name, are displayed in the corresponding information field. Via the level meter with level control the callers’ levels can be adapted individually. If the Pretalk Streaming option is enabled, a recording function is also available to save the caller’s signal directly on the PC.


  • Digital Echo Canceller, Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and Expander for each channel
  • Two Handset/Headset interfaces for PRETALK
  • System operation with Windows PC Software via the LAN interface (up to four workplaces)
  • Two-studios Mode (share the resources between two studios)
  • System operation via six GPIO contacts and four relays
  • Up to two external MAGIC TH6 Keypads can be connected
  • Voice Disguise: The caller’s voice can be changed to protect his identity
  • Option: Pretalk Streaming – no Audio cabling required, Pretalk via LAN connection and USB handset and PC


For more information you can also have a look at the product video about the MAGIC TH6.