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Digigram IQOYA X/LINK Multi Stereo IP Audio Codec

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IQOYA X/LINK is a 1U rack audio codec designed for the delivery of one or several audio programs over IP networks. It can be used in legacy analog and AES/EBU audio infrastructures, as well as in full-IP infrastructures, thanks to the support of Livewire, AES67, and RAVENNA technologies.

At a glance

IQOYA X/LINK is based on a low consumption, fanless, and robust dedicated hardware platform powered by two redundant power supply units. It features 4 analog audio I/Os, 2 stereo AES/EBU I/Os, and supports synchronous AoIP I/Os (Livewire, AES67, RAVENNA). It supports from one to eight stereo I/Os, and allows for multi-format and multi-protocol encoding and streaming of each audio source.
The four network ports allow for the full separation of IP traffics: control and monitoring, redundant dual streaming through two network paths, and synchronous AoIP (Livewire, AES67, Ravenna)
Using the well-proven Digigram advanced FluidIP™ technology, IQOYA X/LINK offers a rich set of features allowing for the reliable transport of audio content over managed and unmanaged networks (FECs, redundant dual streaming with time diversity, VLANs, QoS, IGMPv2 and v3), and for the continuity of audio service on transmitter sites (3 backup levels, backup on SD card, switchable hardware by-pass of the first audio input to output in case of power supply failure).

  • Designed for 24/7 operations: 2 redundant power supply units, fanless, dedicated hardware design, Digigram Fluid IP™ streaming engine.
  • Full separation of IP traffics via 4 network ports, and multiple VLANs
  • Audio I/O channels can be selected among 4 mono analog channels, 2 stereo AES/EBU channels, and Livewire/AES67/RAVENNA channels.
  • Reliable IP streaming: FECs, redundant dual streaming with time diversity, management of network errors, real time network metrics
  • Continuity of audio service on transmitter site (3 backup levels, hardware by-pass of the first audio I/O in case of power supply failure)
  • Wide range of supported audio formats
  • Optional GPS synchronization
  • Optional synchronization of decoders via NTP, or PTP
  • AES/EBU transparency via PTP or GPS clock synchronization
  • Full remote control, monitoring, and alarming via SNMP and from WEB GUI


Key features

  • Low consumption and fanless platform adapted to transmitter sites (strong resilience to EMI)
  • Dual redundant internal power supply units: 2x 220VAC, or 220VAC / -48VDC
  • Four network ports for full separation of traffics: Control/monitoring, redundant dual streaming, AES67
  • Support from 1 to 8 stereo I/Os (upgrade via software licence)
  • I/Os can be selected from 4 balanced analog I/Os, 2 AES/EBU I/Os, and Livewire, or AES67 or RAVENNA streams
  • Audio formats: G711, G722, PCM16/20/24 bits, Opus, MPEG L2 & L3, Fraünhofer AAC-LC, AAC-LD, AAC_ELD, HE-AACv1, HE-AACv2, and optional Qualcomm aptX™
  • Multi-format encoding and multi-protocol streaming of each audio source
  • Streaming protocols: RTP, UDP (both with or without MPEG-TS/IP SPTS and MPTS encapsulation), Icecast/Shoutcast
  • Unicast, multi-unicast, multicast, multi-multicast (IGMPv2 and v3)
  • VLAN tagging (IEEE 802.1q, 802.1p), DSCP
  • SNMP (SET,GET, Traps)
  • FECs and redundant dual streaming with time diversity up to 3 seconds
  • In-band auxiliary data tunneling (serial data,  4 GPIs)
  • Continuity of audio service on transmitter sites:
    – 3 backup levels
    – Backup sources: IP stream (RTP, Icecast/Shoutcast),  playlist/ sound files on local SD card, audio inputs
    – Switchable hardware by-pass on the first stereo analog and AES/eBU I/Os in case of power supply failure
  • Silence detection on audio inputs and on received IP streams and associated alarms
  • Real time metrics on received RTP streams
  • Optional synchronization of decoders on NTP or PTP
  • Optional synchronization on GPS clocks (10 Mhs and PPS)
  • Intuitive web interface with access rights
  • Front panel LCD display and keypad
  • 4 LED vu-meters on Front panel


  • User’s manual from the Digigram Website
  • One year warranty


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