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Digigram IQOYA *Call

IQOYA *CALL is the flagship addition to the IQOYA range of AoIP codecs for professional audio. When building IP audio contribution infrastructures, IQOYA *CALL is a must for superior real time audio quality and ACIP interoperability.

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Key usages

Total cost of ownership of traditional telecom systems, potential technical glitches of ISDN lines, together with the availability of cost-effective IP networks have sparked demand for protecting broadcast investments with future-proof Audio-over-IP infrastructures.

With IQOYA *CALL, you can now build high quality and reliable interoperable IP audio contribution links.

IQOYA *CALL is an audio over IP solution which brings professional quality to full-duplex connections between a remote site and a newsroom or a studio.

Resulting from Digigram’s widely acknowledged expertise in audio quality, IQOYA *CALL is built on a specialized hardware platform (ARM technology) including FluidIPTM, an IP audio codec engine you can trust.

IQOYA *CALL highlights

  • Super-fast dial-up and configuration via web-based and front panel interface

  • Quick profiles set-up for Audio and Network formats

  • Direct IP connection to Axia Livewire(™)

  • Full ACIP (Tech 3326) and I3P (Tech 3347) compliance and SIP signalling

  • Symmetrical RTP mode with auto-answer for simple infrastructures without SIP

  • Ultra-low latency (e.g. typical 10 mS analog end-to-end, with EaptX

  • Superior 24-bit audio quality (THD < -90 dB)

  • 2 Ethernet IP ports

  • Superior AAC Fraunhofer error concealment



IQOYA solutions are based on FluidIPTM, a rock-solid FNS-ACIP compliant IP audio streaming engine developed by Digigram. This provides interoperability with third-party IP codec devices, whilst adding unrivalled robustness, QoS optimization, stream integrity and audio quality.

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