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Deva DB910 Full Duplex Compact IP Audio Codec

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Advanced solutions for a large scope of IP Audio applications
Full duplex IP audio transmission
Analog Audio Output and Input (4 x ¼” phone jack connectors)
Digital Audio Output and Input (2 x ¼” phone jack connectors)
High Quality HE-AAC (v.1 and v.2), MPEG-1 and MPEG-3 Decoding
32 kHz, 44.1 and 48 kHz sample rates support
Decoding of all standard bitrates and VBR as well
Auto backup switching in the event of an audio loss
Build-in MP3 Player

6 x General Purpose Inputs
6 x General Purpose Outputs
2 x 6 LED front panel audio level bar graphs
2 x 6 GPIO and 4 x Status LEDs, and Phones output for quick diagnostics
Full Control and easy setup via a standard web browser
DHCP Client automatically assigning Network Settings
IP address pronunciation at startup (through the headphones)
UPnP for easy discovery in Local Networks
Inspired by DEVA continuous strive for excellence, and based on our long-term formative experience in the field of IP audio broadcasting tools, DEVA product portfolio is extended with yet another strategic solution – the DB910 Full Duplex IP Audio Codec.

A full duplex solution when two tools are in use, the DB910 allows you to send and receive audio at the same time, while guaranteeing fast and easy monitoring of the signal fed to the transmitter. Where two-way transmission is not required, DB910 may be used either as an encoder or a decoder, being fully compatible with DEVA’s already widely-known hallmark IP audio codecs.

The real time audio encoding/decoding into a high quality configurable format process is uncompromisingly guaranteed by the powerful DSP processor. Supporting all the mandatory compressed audio streams and lossless, uncompressed PCM stream, the DB910 can be used for a wide range of professional audio applications: Broadcast, Internet Radio, Studio to Transmitter Link and VoIP.

Apart from its main audio source, DB910 supports several IP audio sources and a built-in MP3 Backup Audio Player in addition. With several backup audio sources incorporated, the DB910 will immediately switch between the sources when the audio is lost, and return to the main one when the audio is restored, with no user intervention. The audio content for the MP3 player is recorded on the internal SD card. The backup files can be managed remotely through the built-in FTP Server, via standard FTP client.

Combining the super compact form of the DB90 and some of the most impressive features of the renowned DB9000 line in a single product, the DB910 will meet the requirements of the most demanding broadcasters. This advanced radio gear is equipped with two-way GPIOs and RS-232 serial communication that could be used for telemetry and automation. The front panel audio level bar graphs and LED indicators of the unit allow reading the current state of the device at a glance.

Controlled through a simple and intuitive HTML5 interface and any kind of web browser, be it your PC, smart phone or tablet, the DB910 could be managed remotely or locally.

DB910 is the ultimate all-in-one solution to maintain your competitiveness, combining essential professional applications and key trends.