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Deva DB-90TX – IP Audio Encoder

Cost Effective IP Audio Encoder

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DB-90TX IP Audio Encoder

DB90-TX is an integrated audio converter that converts audio signal into a high quality compressed audio stream. The signal can be compressed by HE-AAC, MPEG-1 Layer 3 encoder. DB90-TX also supports uncompressed PCM stream in order to ensure audio transmission without quality loss. Compression is performed in real time, and the output signal is transmitted directly by IP-based networks. DB90-TX can work with both analog and digital audio signal. Although sophisticated, DB90-TX comes in a small and compact form. All this allows you to quickly and effortlessly integrate existing audio systems to the Internet.

Developed with the thought of easy of use in mind, DB90-TX can be managed through a standard Web browser, PC, PDA or other device, which makes it the best choice for professional and consumer use.

Audio Transmission over IP-based networks (DB90-RX is required at the opposite site)