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Davicom MAC 208 / 216

Advanced Site Monitoring and Control System.

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Davicom MAC 208 / 216


Designed for Larger or Multi Transmitter Sites

The Davicom MAC is designed to meet the requirements of
the broadcasting and wireless telecommunications industries. These best-in-class, stand-alone monitoring and control units interface easily with virtually any type of remote site equipment and sensors, which ensures maximum flexibility and
expandability. Immediate access to real-time site information can be just a mouse click away.

Utilising the supplied MacComm Software, customised status and control screen are easily developed for each site’s own specific requirements.

Configurable user settings ensure that only the correct options are available to each user.

Davicom’s MAC is ideal for single site applications or can easily be integrated into a wider network environment using e-mail, phone (voice or SMS), SNMP traps, modem or to the optional MacNET Multi-Site alarm management software.

software and firmware are upgradeable on all Davicom MAC products ensuring this devise will meet your current and foreseeable future site monitoring requirements.

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