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Davicom DV-Micro Control and Monitoring

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The Davicom DV-Micro is designed to handle your small-budget remote-control & monitoring needs. I/O capability includes 8 metering, 8 status and 8 relays, and communications are achieved over dial-up or IP networks. The DV-Micro operates with the same Graphical User Interface (GUI) as other Davicom products, so personnel can easily control all sites, from the smallest to the largest, with a unit from the Davicom family.

The DV-Micro is just as intelligent as other Davicom units, with extensive condition-driven and event-driven programming capabilities. It boasts the industry’s widest choice of communication means, including: voice/DTMF, PC, FAX, E-Mail, pager, text messaging and Web Browser. 


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