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StudioHub Button Panel Three SH-3BUT

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Utility Button Panel.

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Use a standard RJ45 UTP patch cable to connect your studio!

CAT5 or greater cabling is perfect for balanced digital and audio interconnections. It is so good it actually out-performs expensive audio cabling.

Simply run UTP patch cable between your equipment, then choose any StudioHUB adapters or panel you require.

The Button Panel Three is a passive module which interfaces control equipment in your studio. Most often used for talent panels (On/Off/Cough buttons) but you can use it for any application where you need a neat control interface.

It features three momentary push buttons with integrated lamps. The lamps may be static on/off, controlled by the buttons locally, or by remote equipment by setting jumpers on the module.  Connection to your equipment is via a single StudioHub+ RJ45 socket.


1 Button 2 (Off)
2 Button 3 (Cough)
3 Lamp 2 (Off)
4 Ground (Switch Common)
5 Button 1 (On)
6 Lamp 1 (On)
7 +15v DC (Lamp common)
8 Lamp3 (Cough)


Configuration Jumpers

Lamps illuminated on button press (local status)
JU1 – pos B
JU2 – pos B
JU3 – jumper on
JU4 – pos B
JU5 – pos B
JU6 – pos B

Lamps illuminated by device (remote status)
JU1 – pos A
JU2 – pos A
JU3 – jumper on
JU4 – pos B
JU5 – pos B
JU6 – pos A

Lamps 1 & 2 (On & Off) illuminated by device(remote status). Lamp 3 (Cough) local
JU1 – pos A
JU2 – pos A
JU3 – jumper off
JU4 – pos A
JU5 – pos A
JU6 – pos B