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AuviTran AxC-MADI/SFP MADI Card with SFP

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AxC-MADI/SFP offers a convenient and popular solution for transmission of up to 2×64 channels between two MADI devices.

AxC-MADI/SFP card provides the AuviTran Audio ToolBox platform with a cost effective gateway to MADI connected devices.

Key Features
MADI interface on both legacy coaxial connectors and SFP optical cage for using multimode or monomode fiber

Combined with other AuviTran Audio ToolBox cards, the AxC-MADI card offers exciting possibilities to the professional audio systems:

Bridges between MADI and others pro-audio networks (Dante, Cobranet, EtherSound…), with unique connectivity possibilities (dynamic patching solution, remote control, ASIO recording/playback …)
MADI based stage boxes, in combination with the high performance AxC-AX4M high-end mic/line preamps cards and AX4O analog outputs cards
Live applications
MADI audio stageboxes
MADI – EtherSound/Dante/Cobranet bridges
Fixed installations
MADI connected audio systems
Broadcast centers and installations


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