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AuviTran AxC-ADSP Digital Signal Processing Card

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Just as every AxC card within the Audio ToolBox range, the AxC-ADSP can equally be used in AVBx3 or AVBx7 platforms.
Using one slot of either ToolBox, the AxC-ADSP can acts as an Asynchronous Sample Rate Conversion (ASRC) card or as a Digital Signal Processing card.
ASRC enables to exchange audio channels between an AxC-Card working with at different frequency or with other clock domain than the other cards.

An AxC-ADSP card enables to exchange 128 IO channels at 2 different frequencies. It is an ASRC interface between one of the AxC audio network or digital interface card and any other Audio/Network AxC cards of an AVBx3 or AVBx7.

Up to 3xAxC-ADSP cards can be used in an AVBx7. They manage audio exchanges of up to 4x 128 IO channels with up to 4x different Audio Clock frequencies domain in only a 2U 19” frame. Each clock domain can be connected via an AxC audio network (Dante, AES67, CobraNet, EtherSound) or an AxC digital interfaces, (Madi, AES/EBU, ADAT).

The AxC-­ADSP is a smart solution to easily exchange audio channel between different audio network or digital interface working at different frequencies.

Digital audio Interconnexion of a networking audio system in a stadium, a theatre, an opera, a live concert to an incoming OB van to broadcast the event and synchronized with different clock source and different kind of interface (Dante, AES67, MADI, EtherSound, CobraNet, …)
Simply exchange a big number of audio channels between 2 different buildings without requesting to synchronized them together.
Management of multi rooms with different audio network or digital interfaces working at different frequencies with the capability to exchange, record or broadcast audio from/to anywhere


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