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Broadcasters of all stripes need great gear if they want to produce a great show. The 08 is designed to be the best-in-category mixer for small market broadcasters – whether they operate out of studios or bedrooms.

Audioarts 08 Overview

The smallest member of the Audioarts line to date, the Audioarts 08 console is ideal for LPFMs, podcasts, web streaming or remote applications requiring a simple, low profile eight-channel board.

Made for the demands of professional broadcasting, the Audioarts 08 is designed for fast-paced, live on-air, streamed or produced applications with easy access to controls.

In one compact frame, the Audioarts 08 covers all the basics with a single stereo mixing bus (balanced or unbalanced output); two mic inputs (one for guest, and one for host); USB input to play in audio from a PC; USB output to record directly to PC recording software; mix-minus telephone output for interfacing to a telephone hybrid;  monitor, headphone and cue for off-air monitoring; speaker mute for muting monitor speakers when the mic is on (eliminating the possibility of feedback); and unbalanced or balanced inputs/outputs for interface with consumer or professional grade equipment.

Audioarts 08 Features

  • 8-channel frame
  • Stereo mixing bus, balanced or unbalanced
  • Compact, tabletop mount
  • Long-throw faders on inputs and monitors
  • Dual, super-quiet, high-performance microphone preamps
  • LED illumination on all switches
  • Headphone jack with built-in amplifier (with +20dB output)
  • USB – bidirectional audio port for convenient interfacing to computers and automation systems