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StudioHub RCA Male to RJ-45

RCA Stereo Male to RJ-45 adaptor.

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Use a standard RJ45 UTP patch cable to connect your studio!

CAT5 or greater cabling is perfect for balanced digital and audio interconnections. It is so good it actually out-performs expensive audio cabling.

Simply run UTP patch cable between your equipment, then choose any StudioHUB adapters you require

These audio adaptors are for use as both an INPUT and OUTPUT. For analog applications, green is left and red is right. You may have to adjust the audio trim on your router/mixer by 14dB to compensate for the difference between consumer and professional levels. In a digital (SPDIF) system use only the green connector.

This adapter is passive and unbalanced, therefore must be connected to equipment using a shield (STP) patch cable.