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Melbourne, June 24, 2021

For Immediate Release: Agile Broadcast and Paneda Deploys National DAB+ Multiplexing solution, successfully delivering the initial phase of a long-term supply partnership with Telstra Broadcast Services.

Paneda and its exclusive partner Agile Broadcast have completed the supply and commissioning of Paneda DAB+ headend software and hardware to Telstra Broadcast Services (TBS), facilitating a highly reliable and redundant DAB+ Broadcast System.

After an exhaustive test and proof-of-concept phase, Paneda and Agile Broadcast have recently completed a sizeable national deployment of DAB+ software, hardware, and implementation services to provide a comprehensive, national Digital Radio Multiplexing solution. A total of 16 (sixteen) multiplexers have been commissioned in two geographically diverse data centres, with over 140 audio encoders deployed at client contribution sites nationally. The multiplexers are configured as linked pairs and provide hitless switching of audio and/or PAD, using Paneda’s SMART Content Aware switching technology for output to eight broadcast markets. The Paneda components are deployed widely throughout TBS Data Centres and Client sites nationally. Despite this widespread installation, a simple web interface to the Paneda Multiplexer provides all user and operator configuration requirements for the entire national solution.

Dedicated diverse data links utilising the Telstra DVN2 platform, provide resilient audio contribution to the data centres and redundant distribution of the Ensemble outputs (EDI) to eight Transmitter sites reaching all states and territories. Comprehensive monitoring of the DAB+ Broadcast systems has been implemented using RF Mondial RF-DAB monitoring tools. Virtual appliances at the data centres monitor all aspects of ensemble data at the two head ends, whilst hardware appliances are located at each Transmitter site – further validating the successful delivery of a compliant EDI Stream to each Transmission hand-off point.

In addition to the 16 Ensemble Multiplexer production environment – a segregated and separate model environment has been established for testing and development of new software, workflows, and monitoring solutions.

The entire production environment is now fully operational and ‘on-air’ nationwide.

Ian Thomson, Director of Sales at Agile Broadcast

“Since initial discussions with the client in 2019, Agile Broadcast and Paneda have worked continuously to define the DAB+ solution offer to suit the client’s current and future goals. Paneda’s headend scalability has ultimately delivered well over and above the original project requirements.”

Adrian Harper, Lead Systems Architect and Director of Agile Broadcast.

“Working with all stakeholders throughout the project commissioning and cutover – we are extremely proud of the outcome we have delivered for the broadcasters; an extraordinarily stable and robust solution for Digital Radio Broadcasting.”

Lars-Peder Lundgren, Sales Director at Paneda says,

“The trend is clear, content providers want to focus on their core knowledge, content! To move to a virtual platform and a centralised solution means less maintenance, higher robustness, and the fact that it is a non-aging approach. We are aware that this project is demanding and challenging, but it is also an approach that Paneda is prepared for. We look forward to providing our technology and knowledge in a long-term relationship.”

About Agile Broadcast:

Agile Broadcast is a Broadcast Systems Integrator, Distributor and Subject Matter Experts in DAB. Agile Broadcast works with premium vendors locally and internationally to provide leading equipment and solutions to meet the diverse demands of our clients all over Australia and NZ.